I am an archer. I’m also a rat. But really… WHO am I?

In truth, I love archery. I’ve always wanted to know how to use a bow and arrow.The whole thing just fascinates me. Also, I hate rats. I really HATE them.

Ok, let me start from the beginning, Greek/Roman mythology tells me that I’m an archer (Sagittarius) Guess that’s why I love archery a lot. However, according to the Chinese, I am a rat. Seriously, a RAT!!!! I mean, I would have preferred a rabbit, ox or even a snake; anything is better than a rat! If only one could choose when they want to be born 😦

I am an archer

I was born on December 8, a typical Sagittarian. Astrologers say I possess a natural exuberance, sense of adventure and love of life. I totally agree. There’s more; look at this:sagitarius

Sense of humour? definitely! I love adventure and I think what they really wanted to say was ‘extremely curious’ instead of ‘investigative’. I am not tomboyish though and I’m certainly not abrasive! I admit that sometimes I’m restless… who isn’t? Well, the rest are true, I think. Those who know me personally can be the judges. but before you judge, I think you should also see this:

sagi2  and this:     sagi3

They say I love learning new things and am good with people, check. I’m not so sure about the ‘forever evolving’ part though; I can be very conservative at times…  and the part about commitments and emotional scenes is so true about me! No, really…I don’t  completely believe in astrology but it’s like these guys just took one look at me and said ” That’s how every Sagittarian ought to be!”

I’m also a rat.

Did I say I hate rats? No, I’m sorry, it slipped. I LOATHE rats. That’s what I meant to say but that’s by the way.

I was born in 1996, the Chinese year of the rat. Their story about me is not too different from that of the Greeks/Romans. The usual; I’m generous, curious, sincere and have relationship issues, no big deal.(does the word ‘observator’ actually exist?) rat


The deal gets big when you start seeing things like this:rat3nothing here is right! (well, the eloquent, sociable, hardworking part is) but I cannot remember ever being vindictive my whole life, talk less of being manipulative and difficult! Correct me if I’m wrong but ‘generous’ and ‘selfish’ are supposed to be antonyms right? how come some Chinese guys say I’m generous and the others think I’m selfish?

This is why I don’t trust astrology in the first place… seriously, sometimes these guys can be all messed up!

But really… Who am I ?

Or should I say WHAT am I?

I believe I’m just a young lady made in the image of God and according to His blueprint; so I can be only what He made me to be. If He says I’m generous, then I am and vice versa. Fortunately for me, I know exactly Who God says I am, but I’m not telling ;). You go find out who He says you are. It’s important. so that no astrologer dictates who you should or shouldn’t be, what you can or can’t achieve. For you can do and be all things, through Christ who gives you strength.

Yours truly.


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