Life Happens…

It has been almost six months of silence. You were probably wondering what had happened to me. Well, the answer is simple; LIFE HAPPENED.

I have gone one class further and grown a year older. It’s been hard growing too; the growing expectations from family, the flip side of the independence coin (going broke), the big choices and life altering decisions, the character and even physical changes….

I have lost a lot of people in these past six months to death and airplanes (either way, they’re never coming back). I couldn’t stop crying for a while and I had quite a number of heartbreaks (it actually broke once, but everything else that happened just kept crushing the pieces into even finer ones).

But here I am still breathing, living, writing… I learnt one thing,

Life Happens

… it always has, always will, and it’s okay to cry, to feel hurt, disappointed and angry. The question is, Are you going to stay that way? What are you going to do about it? What are you going to choose?

I chose to live, smile, to be happy and to keep writing no matter what. And this choice is independent of the circumstances around me.

I chose to win.
And I’m back.

Truly me, Glow


2 thoughts on “Life Happens…

  1. Good job Glo.I am happy to read your blog. It is true life happens and we have nothing to do about it. we leave it in the hands of the Lord, but it is our duty to make meaningful choices because they will have an impact in our lives subsiquently.
    I wish you the best as you pursue your career and any other venture you wish to engage in.
    All the best my princess.
    Lot’s of love.
    Your uncle


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