Bugs on Table mats

I’ve always believed that the reason why they make table mats with pictures of fresh fruit and delicious dishes is to whet your appetite or at least put you in ‘food mood'(my favorite mood) and trick your mind to believe that the food served on the mat is the most delicious thing you’ve ever eaten.

So  imagine what happens when I stroll into this nice restaurant with a friend and the waiter places this shiny table mats before us after taking our orders…

…and there’s a bug on it!



yup, there it is. bottom left, sitting cozy on the apple

I could not stop myself, I just had to take a picture.

Not that I lost my appetite or anything, but this picture just gave me a culture shock.  Apparently, there are some people on this same planet who find bugs appetizing.

All the while we were eating, I kept glancing at my new table-mat-bug-friend and then i thought: “stupid me, it’s just a picture! Not like it was going to become real and bite or something..”

I realize now that everything can’t always be as we imagine it is supposed to be, or as we grew up knowing it should be. It’s the beauty of life; it would be boring otherwise.

Look how a thing as small as a bug on a table mat changed my life! 🙂


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