Where to find the story.

I have recently been taking creative writing classes, to learn more about the craft and become better at it.

Now, my first major assignment is to get a fresh story idea that I will work with through out the course and emerge with a finished story at the end.

I have been sitting home all day, thinking one up. 


I can be a perfectionist at times, and want to have a perfect story that has never been told before, but this is not one of those times. I don’t even have ANY idea, talk less of wanting the PERFECT idea.

I keep asking myself, where did I get those other stories?

I’ve thought back to what I was doing in any of those moments when ‘inspiration struck’, and it turns out there’s nothing special about them. I was either reading, having a conversation, doing a chore or sleeping. All of which I did today, hoping I could catch that ‘inspiration struck’ moment.


Clock’s ticking, deadline is in less than 24hours.

So, for heaven’s sake, where do I find the story?


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