I spoke the Truth…

In fact, ‘we’ spoke the truth.
We said everything, as it happened, and we were at peace. We knew that our truth would be enough.

Then he came and told all kinds of lies and they believed him. He twisted our truth and made us look like the liars.
Because our truth was so simple yet unbelievable. And his lies, they were numerous. 

It did not matter how much we cried. They said tears were not a proof of honesty. If anything, they were meant for camouflage. When we kept silent, they said it was because we had run out of ‘lies’ to tell. When we spoke, they said ‘here come the lies again…’

We got hurt and bitter, and we wanted to fight. We wanted to beat them up and break the spell he had put on them. But we were small and they were big; age wise, size wise, everything wise.

So we just let go. We prayed for one another and we trusted that God would make them see the truth. Our truth.

We will not give them permission to hurt us anymore. Let them talk. Let them judge. But our hearts will not be shaken, we’ll keep our peace.
They may throw us out. They may not. I don’t know and I don’t care.

I know only one little thing:
We spoke the truth, ALL of it.


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