You ask me why I walk away

I’ll tell you why I cannot stay.
Yesterday I loved you,

Today I don’t.
Yesterday you were sweet and warm, too good to be true.

I loved your words, I loved their font.

Today, you’re ice cold.

And sour. Not a sight to behold.
Yesterday, you shone like gold,

Glowed like the princess in a fairy tale told, 

About horses and princes, beauty and myth.

Today, I remember 

The sad saying about things that glitter. 

Four words I can muster

You. have. no. lustre.
Yesterday, you were full of stark colour, 

Bright red, brighter yellow.

Today, all I see are shades, 

More than Fifty shades of grey, Shades of a dirty careless spray

Of black, brown and the opposite of gay.
What can I say?
Yesterday, your scent

It felt like it was sent

From heaven’s garden

You smelled like rosy pink and ocean blue

Today, when I stand next to you

 I smell decay… I’m through.
Yesterday, you smiled

Your eyes wide and I said that was cool.

But now I know you only lied

And today I feel like a fool.
I know,

Yesterday is only a day ago.

But today, today’s the day I go.