Start Producing!

Or What to remember when all you want to do is pull up the covers in the morning.

I was on a bus with a friend a few weeks ago, and we were sharing our plans, career wise, short and long term. 

When I had talked and talked and spelled out my long list, he looked at me and said, “Mafor, I hear too many ‘I want tos’ and these are things you can and should already be doing…

I went ahead and gave my litany of excuses; I don’t have time, I don’t have a computer, I need to read more, I’m not confident yet, I need a better phone, I need money 😕… and all the while he just kept shaking his head. But I thought I did get his point. 

The title of this post came last week in a similar conversation with another friend (I know, I have awesome friends!😎), in which of course, I was giving my litany again. And in response, he pointed out how much I already had, talent inclusive and told me to start producing results with those.

So, I’ve started. By writing this post, by setting deadlines for projects I have been procrastinating on for months, by making myself accountable to people who can scold me (lovingly) when I don’t meet these deadlines.

Of course, I still need all the things I’ve listed, but as they come, they’ll serve to make output better and increase efficacy. But for now, I’ve started.

That’s all it takes. Start.
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